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Length: 110mm

Diameter: 44mm

Weight: 210gram

dB reduction: 12 dB reduction

MK2 pic2 (Large)


Length: 185mm

Diameter: 44mm

Weight: 390gram

dB reduction: 26 dB reduction

MK3 pic2


Length: 245mm

Diameter: 44mm

Weight: 430gram

dB reduction: 30dB

The Sweet Spot Selector

Whenever a shot is fired, the barrel goes through a series of vibrations, more prominent for thinner barrels than for thick ones. The key to accuracy is to get the bullet to exit the barrel at a specific node, as shown in the illustration.The concept of tuning the harmonics of a rifle is not new, we do it every day by means of meticulous hand loading.

The alternative method of tuning the rifle to produce tight groups with factory ammo is often neglected. For the first time ever, Next Level Silencers have integrated a system to manipulate the barrel harmonics of your rifle. This will enable the owner of a Next Level silencer to select the sweet spot on the silencer for any good quality factory ammo, and even for serious re-loaders who wish to fire a specific bullet at a specific velocity.

How to tune your silencer: 

1) Fire two shots at a target at 100m. measure the group

2) Unscrew the rear cap from the tube.

3) Turn the front cap two settings anti-clockwise( Four settings for bull-barrels)

4) Turn the connector clockwise until hand tight.

5) Screw the tube into the rear cap

6) Repeat steps 1-5.

7) You will now see the groups open up and close or vice versa.

8) Return to the setting where the group was the smallest.

9) You can now fine tune by testing the settings and half-settings around your smallest tested setting to crimp the group size even smaller!

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